Have Crystal Palace Ever Beaten Manchester United? You Bet They Have!

Have Crystal Palace Ever Beaten Manchester United? You Bet They Have!

Have Crystal Palace Ever Beaten Manchester United? You Bet They Have!

Crystal Palace fans, this one's for you! While Manchester United boasts a decorated history, the Eagles can proudly claim they've brought down the Red Devils on several occasions. Let's delve into Crystal Palace's record against Manchester United, highlighting some of their most impressive wins.

Yes, Crystal Palace Has a Winning History Against Manchester United!

Don't be fooled by Manchester United's overall dominance. Throughout their competitive history, Crystal Palace has secured several victories against them. These wins hold a special place in Crystal Palace lore, proving they can rise to the challenge and conquer a giant.

A Recent Thumping: 4-0 Palace Rout

One of the most resounding victories came just this season, on May 6th, 2024. In a dominant display at Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace thrashed Manchester United 4-0. This result sent shockwaves through the Premier League and highlighted the Eagles' potential.

Beyond the Scoreline: Historical Wins

The 4-0 win is a recent highlight, but Crystal Palace has secured other notable victories. Delving into the archives, you'll find past upsets that fueled passionate celebrations for the Palace faithful. For instance, on December 18th, 2004, Crystal Palace earned a dramatic 0-0 draw against a star-studded Manchester United side.

Looking Forward: Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United Rivalry

The Crystal Palace and Manchester United rivalry continues to be an intriguing matchup in the Premier League. While Manchester United holds the historical advantage (37 wins to Crystal Palace's 5) https://m.aiscore.com/head-to-head/soccer-crystal-palace-vs-manchester-united, Palace has proven they can challenge the Red Devils, adding spice to future encounters.

Stay Updated on Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United

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